JOHN PERRIT SPEAKING | Wednesday, March 7th | 6:30 pm

John Perritt, Author of Your Days are Numbered: A Closer Look at How We Spend Our Time & the Eternity Before Us (2016) and What Would Judas Do? - Understanding Faith Through the Most Famous of the Faithless and RYM Resource Coordinator, will address all adults on the theme of “Redeeming the Time.” It'll be a gracious conversation starter on how we spend time as families in relation to family, work, church, and extracurricular activities. Childcare provided by the LPC Youth Group.


February 15th – Lawndale Presbyterian Church
February 22nd – Calvary Baptist Church
March 1st – First United Methodist Church
March 8th – The Church at Trace Crossing
March 15th – First Presbyterian Church
March 22nd – Saint Luke’s United Methodist

Come and join us at noon each Thursday through our season of Lent.  All are welcome and encouraged to visit with our neighboring churches within our community.
Beginning Sunday February 18th we are excited to offer 3 Adult Sunday School classes through the end of May.
1. Lesley Chapel: This class is open to all.  We will teach through the book of Hebrews, building (and improving upon :)) Pastor Bill’s sermon series a couple of years ago.  We feel this will connect well with David’s previous class on Exodus and his possible future class on Leviticus.
2. Fellowship Hall: This is an age affinity class for mid-30’s to late 40’s or so :).  Marcus & Whitney Ueltschey will lead this group through Paul Miller’s A Praying Life.    
3. Multi-Purpose Room:  This also is an age affinity class for 20’s to mid-30’s.  The Kents, Wursters, and Kennedys will lead this class through Tim & Kathy Keller’s Proverbs: God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life

LADIES PRAYER RETREAT | March 23rd and 24th | Praying Scripture 

Ladies, please join us for a restful weekend of fellowship and prayer at Pickwick Lake on March 23-24. Sara Berry will teach us about the power of prayer and incorporating Scripture into prayer. The cost for this event is $25, which is payable to Lawndale Presbyterian. Packing list and detailed schedule to follow. Please sign up by this link
Deadline to register is Sunday, March 18.


The Seder Meal is the Passover Meal of Exodus 12-13. The word “seder” comes from the Hebrew word meaning “order, arrangement” because the food items symbolize the slavery and salvation from Egypt, and the meal progresses through a series of questions, responses, readings, prayers and songs to explain it. Remember, the whole point of the Passover meal was to catechize the next generation about God’s wonderful redemption of his people. Exodus 12.25-27 says: “And when you come to the land that the Lord will give you, as he has promised, you shall keep this service. And when your children say to you, ‘What do you mean by this service?’ you shall say, ‘It is the sacrifice of the Lord’s Passover, for he passed over the houses of the people of Israel in Egypt, when he struck the Egyptians but spared our houses.’” As you know, the exodus points to Jesus’ greater exodus at the cross. And, it was within a Passover Meal that Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper in HIS blood. So, we’ll go through the Meal meditating on how Jesus fulfilled it all. And, we’ll celebrate the Lord’s Supper within this original context at its conclusion. And, we’ll do all this with special attention to the children experiencing the liturgy, so that the cross comes alive even more for them. So, mark your calendars and come as a family! This will be the whole program for that night and will last about an hour and half. Child care will also be provided. The Seder meal requires that each person have a place setting at the tables. Please order the food choices for your family. (It is easier to cancel than to create an order at the last minute.) You can fill out an order form from the table by the church office/sanctuary foyer or from a table in the fellowship hall during a Wednesday night supper. 

Why do we call the Friday of Jesus’ crucifixion “Good”? That’s as bad as it gets, isn’t it? Well, we do so because originally “good” was another way of saying “holy.” But, in a deeper sense, we call it “good” because it was precisely Jesus’ torment at the cross which accomplished God’s “good” for us. There Jesus took God’s wrath for us. There he suffered the penalty of sin for us. There he broke the power of death for us. So, what’s a Tenebrae Service? “Tenebrae” is latin for “shadows, darkness.” It’s a service commonly used on Good Friday. In it we solemnly meditate on the crucifixion of Jesus. We’ll do so through readings, prayers and songs. Also, to impress our hearts with Jesus’ descent into judgment, we’ll progressively blow out candles as we move through the service until we conclude by walking out in shadows and darkness. Now, if you’re like me, too many times—because Spring is busy and fun—I’ve looked up and all of a sudden it’s Easter Sunday. And, when I’ve done so, I’ve felt a sense of loss, that I missed an opportunity to ponder with God’s people the events leading to the resurrection. So, if you can, let me encourage you to attend, so that together we can move into the weekend feeling the weight of the cross, so as then to feel even more, the wonder of the resurrection.
During our February Wednesday night classes we will host a 4-week webinar series by Harvest USA for parents & teachers of young children & teens called "Gospel Sexuality: Raising Sexually-Faithful Kids". The webinar will be held on Wednesday nights (February 7, 21, 28 and March 7) from 6:30-7:30 pm. Cost is free. Feel free to invite friends.

February 7th – Session 1: Discovering: Looking Deeper than the Fruit 

February 21st – Session 2: Talking: Having the Sex Talk(s) 

February 28th – Session 3: Protecting: Navigating the Technological Terrain 

March 21st – Session 4: Walking: Helping a Struggling Child

From Harvest USA: "It’s tougher than ever to be both a kid and a parent today! The world’s culture is continually pushing an anything-goes sexuality on our children. Gospel Sexuality: Raising Sexually-Faithful Kids gives you gospel-centered principles and practical helps to disciple your kids’ hearts and nurture their faith as they face the sexual chaos of their world."
SINGLE 20'S  {Dinner|Conversation|Meditation}
On Tuesday Nights from January 30th–March 6th from 6-7:30pm William and Carolyn Pillow will be hosting this gathering at their home (2033 Stonybrook Cove). Come out and enjoy food and fellowship with your peers!
The church library is now open!!! The library is located in the foyer of the Education wing on the north side of the church. The instructions for checking out materials are located on the laptop by shelves.

VBS | June 11-15

Save the Date! All positions open from Director to Volunteers! Please contact Esther Sanders for more details.


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