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Domestic Church Planting and Evangelism

Tom & Connie Edwards with Hope Health Center in Birmingham, AL

Reformed University Fellowship reaching and equipping colleges students for Christ
    Brian & Liza Sorgenfrei, campus minister at Ole Miss (male & female interns)      
    Elliott and Carrie Everitt,  campus minister at MS State (male & female interns)
    Seth & Julie Still campus, minister at Delta State (intern)
    Jeff & Dominique Jordan, campus minister at Mississippi College
    Ian & Hanna Hammond with RUFi currently at Mississippi College
    John Mark & Caroline Scruggs, campus minister at UT-Chattanooga   
Reformed Youth Ministries & YTL, Joey & Connie Stewart

Mid-South Church Planting Network, catalyst and resource for church planting in region
    Hunter & Vicki Brewer, coordinator with Mid-South CP Network
    Mike & Roxanne Winebrenner with Christ Fellowship in Horn Lake, MS
    Michael & Chicarra Williams with Christ Fellowship in Horn Lake, MS
    Hunter & Abbie Bailey with Christ Community Church in Fayetteville, AR
    Billy & Ashley Crain with Christ Community Church in Fayetteville, AR
    Josh & Emily Kines with Parish Church in Lafayette, LA
    Jeff & Lori Wreyford, going to Jonesboro, AR

Brandt & Marty Hammack with Providence Church in Thomaston, GA

Click here to download a brochure of Missionaries Supported by Lawndale Presbyterian Church
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