Weekly Schedule

Sunday | The Lord's Day

9:00 AM         Prayer for Revival (meets in the Pastor's Office)

9:30 am         Sunday School

10:30 am       Worship

5:30-7:00       Youth Fellowship


10:00 am        Senior Women's Fellowship


12:00 pm         Women's Explorers Bible Study
5:45 pm           Fellowship Dinner

6:30 pm           Children's Catechism Classes & Adult Classes


9:30 am          Friday with Friends Ladies Bible Study
Sunday Mornings Our 3’s and 4’s will meet in the little church classroom to the right of the nursery and will study Bible characters specially chosen by Great Commission Publications.  Our K-6thgraders will meet in the education wing and will continue working through the One Storycurriculum—a book-by-book study of the entire Bible. 
Wednesday Nights Two groups, the 3’s and 4’s and the K-4thgraders, will study the Children’s Catechism.  The 3’s and 4’s will meet in the little church classroom to the right of the nursery, and the K-4thgraders will meet in Lesley Chapel. The 5th and 6th graders will do book studies recommended by the Resource Coordinator from RYM.  They will meet in the first classroom to the right entering the education wing.   

Sunday Mornings: Both Middle & High School will study "Worshiping God" from the So What?curriculum, seeking to answer the question "What can I give God in worship?"  They will both meet in the Youth Loft.   
Wednesday Nights: Middle & High School will meet for prayer, singing, and a 10-15 minute Bible lesson on Treasuring Gods Word,also from the So What?curriculum, followed by gender/age-specific "application" small groups, then a 5 minute wrap-up.  They’ll explore the question "How do I grow in knowing God through the Bible?"  They will all gather in the Youth Loft.

Sunday Mornings: 1) 20smid 30will meet either in the Multi-purpose classroom or the partitioned classroom in the fellowship hall and will study a Gospel-centered, application-oriented OT commentary.  2) Mid-30s50 will meet in the fellowship hall and will study Paul Miller’sA Loving Life, a Gospel-centered, application-oriented commentary on Ruth3) All Ages will meet in Lesley Chapel and will study the book of Leviticus.  This class will officially start on Sunday 9/23, but on 8/19, 26, and 9/9 the spring Hebrewsclass will finish up. Furthermore, all the classes will meet together on Sunday 9/16 to hear from Stuart and Meg Mills, Peru Mission missionaries we support.  
Wednesday Nights: There will be 1-2 women’s discipleship groups and 1-2 men’s discipleship groups.  The meeting places are yet to be determined.  There will also be a corporate, Kingdom prayer gathering, held in the partitioned classroom in the fellowship hall. 
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